Lacrosse is a Native American Iroquois sport, that was used as symbolic warfare to honour the Creator. While the original pitch length could have been anywhere from 500 meters to 3 kilometres long, with teams ranging from 100 to 1,000-a-side, the modern day game boasts a more standard 100m pitch with 11 players on each team for men’s lacrosse, and 12 for women’s lacrosse.

The game consists of passing and catching the ball in the air with a lacrosse stick (or crosse), to keep possession and ultimately score against the opposition. While the ball is allowed to touch the ground, you are not allowed to handle the ball and it must be picked up using the stick. There are dedicated positions similar to other sports, divided into attack, midfield, defence, and goalkeeper. Women's lacrosse is a mostly non contact sport.

Dublin Lacrosse competes within the Irish Lacrosse league ( ILL) and has regular games both within the pre season ( October - December) and the Season ( January - April). The team is made up of beginners and experienced players. Everyone is welcome!



Wednesday @ 8:00 -9:00pm


What you need: Dress in activewear and bring a mouthguard, we will provide the sticks for beginners



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Newtownard's Cup

This year Dublin Lacrosse has won the Newtownards Cup that consists of three game days and four games. The teams first game was against UCD's white team. The game was a fantastic way to start off the season and to welcome four new players to the Dublin Lacrosse family. Despite being ahead 10-7 at halftime the game was won by UCD White who scored a goal inside the last two minutes. The final score was 15-14. The top goal scorers were Jules with 5 Goals, Evanna with 3 and Aisling with 2.

Alas the girls focused on the next game day which would be held in Galway. The first game in Galway was against Calway (Cork and Galway). The girls fought hard as possession was the key to winning this game. Anne, a newcomer to Dublin was crucial on the draw. The defensive skill of our seasoned players did not disappoint with some great play by Rebecca , Dana and Laura. With some great goals by Fem and Kate the girls were victorious in a 9-7 win. That day the girls also faced UCD Blue, a notoriously hard team. Having prepared for this game the girls executed great skill in the transitions and the re defending after a goalie save. Dublin came away with yet another win.

It was then all to play for in the Belfast game day, the team had one final game against Belfast. Despite the snowy temperature the girls played marvellously! With fast breaks from the draw and excellent shooting,  the girls dominated with the final score of 16-2. This was a fantastic achievement for the girls, who have not won in four years. We hope it is a sign of great things to come after the break.

The ILL will recommence with the Dublin Derby on the 27th of January.